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  7. Omar Khayyam The Rubaiyat and Rugs By Nazmiyal Antique Rugs

    Omar Khayyam By Nazmiyal Antique Carpets

  8. Exciting News: Nazmiyal Acquires 18th Century Anatolian Rug From The James Ballard Collection

    18th Century Anatolian Rug From The James Ballard Collection One of the rarest and most unique central Anatolian carpets has returned to the market. Nazmiyal Collection is pleased to continue the legacy of James Franklin Ballard (1851–1931), an entrepreneur and one of America’s earliest and foremost antique carpet scholars. 

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  12. Kashan Rug, Persia, Date - Representing the best of Kashan and greater Persia, this antique carpet is a veritable masterpiece that highlights the country’s rich artistic traditions and the tremendous skill of the famed master weaver Mohtashem. A towering, impeccably detailed Tree of Life grows upward across the directional field and fills the exquisite ruffled niche. Lush millefleur branches with sensuous curves scroll across the fleecy white ground while providing shelter for the delightful birds that perch on its branches. Savage hunting animals represent another famous design type while the arborescent figure becomes a literal Tree of Life through the birds, animals and vivacious creatures that are placed throughout its dense flower-covered branches. This diverse, detail-rich forest is juxtaposed against hyper-saturated spandrels and lush calyx-filled borders that have an aristocratic Safavid style

    (Source: cdn8.nazmiyalantiquerugs.com)